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Our Story

Welcome to Julia Guitars, a small family-run business based in Chandler, Arizona. Our company is named after my daughter Julia, and we specialize in crafting custom guitars and basses from scratch. We take pride in blending vintage designs with modern playability to create unique instruments that are both beautiful and functional.

We pay close attention to every detail. For commissions, we collaborate with our clients throughout the entire building process. Before we deliver, each guitar undergoes a thorough inspection and is played to ensure its quality. Allow us to assist you in making your dream guitar a reality.



Some of our recent work

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Josh, AZ

“My new guitar is an absolute beauty. It's a true heirloom piece!
Thank you Julia Guitars!"


How much do they cost?

Tele/Strat: $1800 - $2700

Jazzmaster: $2400 - $3200

Custom design: Request a quote

What type of paint and materials?

All of our guitars are finished with Nitrocellulose lacquer. They will naturally age over time.

We generally use Gotoh hardware, Descendant bridges, and Lollar pickups for our Reverb listings. If you prefer something else, we can easily switch a design to meet your specifications.

Lead times?

Depending on the complexity of the project, lead times can be 3-6 months. Get in touch and we can give you an accurate lead time.

How do I order?

We typically have some builds available on our Reverb page. If you want a custom build, contact us for a quote!

Something is wrong, what do I do?

If anything is wrong, send it back and we'll fix it. We want to make sure your instrument looks and plays the best it possibly can!


Contact us for a quote

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